Thursday, September 25, 2008

tiny moments- where did she go

Each night at bedtime, if she can manage to wiggle away, this is where you'll find her. Under my desk, prolonging the inevitable.


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Melissa said...

Such cute jammies!!

And to answer your question about Katelyn's eczema: She gets it REALLY bad on her legs and and inside of her arms. Hers was so bad that her legs would be covered in bloody scabs from all her scratching. She sleeps in long sleeved and long legged jammies all year round to help her from scratching in the night. She is also on a prescription corizone. The only cream I found that worked on her was by Eucerin and is called Aquaphor. I usually apply it before she goes to bed.

I also tried to figure out what her triggers were for an outbreak. The doctor also recommended only bathing her 2 times a week to keep her skin from drying out.

We just recently had her tested for allergies because her legs were not getting any better. Come to find out she is allergic to milk!! Once I cut milk out from her diet she is doing 99% better!!

Hope some of this helps you guys. If you want to know anything else you can email me at
mkbarker at verizon dot net

Have a wonderful weekend!