Wednesday, September 03, 2008

first day

So yesterday was Abby's first day as a grade one student. I took the day off to be able to put her on the bus myself. Something I was happy I did since she was a bit nervous despite how excited she was to get back to school. Luckily her teacher had mailed her a very sweet note last week about how she'd been busy getting the classroom ready and the only thing that was missing was Abby. She also went on to say that Abby would be learning things as she was ready to learn them and her teacher would be there to help her every day. An incredibly wonderful thing to do and so very helpful. Whenever Abby was getting a little anxious about things I reminded her of the things her teacher had said in the letter. Really though, her main concerns were not knowing which classroom to go to and that she didn't know how to read or write. Which isn't totally true I reminded her. She knew some and her teacher would teach her how to do more.


So off she went in this funky dress that Granny had bought her. The one that she has been dying to wear since Granny gave it to her last week. I was surprised I managed to hold her off this long. And her new backpack that's so loaded with features she couldn't help but tell everyone at the bus stop about it. There's a place for her cell phone and her iPod, yo. Just in case you missed the demonstration yesterday morning. And no she owns neither a cell phone or an iPod, but she's got the spots for them if that changes.


Maya was more interested in her peanut butter sandwich. And when that was gone she concerned herself with when we were going to get back home to the other half of her sandwich. Until she was distracted by the camera and started snapping some pictures herself.


So maybe not the greatest, but she was having fun and not bothering me much at all. Ha!


And what would the first day of school be without Papa? He hasn't missed one yet.

By the time Abby got home she was wiped out. Too tired to even go check out her vegetables with Papa, who met her bus at the end of the day too. She said she had fun and really liked her teacher. There was a bit of a good news bad news situation. While she didn't find herself sitting in her bestest friend Maddie's group. She is sitting next to her future husband D. I think she's going to find the everyday thing a bit of an adjustment, as am I, but so far so good.


Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

Abby's dress is totally fab and I have got to say that I really, really, love the pic. that Maya took!!

{sending them off to school this year was SO much easier than last year, wasn't it?}

Betsy said...

I am so glad she had a good day!

Karen said...

Do you think they make that dress in adult sizes? I love it!

I'm glad she had fun. Emily is still having trouble getting her head around going to school 5 days a week (we still have half day JK and SK in Ottawa).

Widney Woman said...

She's adorable!! What a wonderful Papa!

darlene said...

love da dress

Angela said...

Oh my
Glad she had a good day

Shan said...

Normie - yes much easier! It didn't even occur to me to get misty.

Betsey - Thanks!

Karen - They use some fun prints at the Children's Place.

Widney - Thanks! Yep, he is one great man! A true blessing.

Darlene - me too!

Angela - thanks!

Julie said...

I love her dress and wow, such fabulous backpack features! You know she'll be asking for a cell phone and iPod soon enough! : )

I think it's so sweet that her teacher sent her a letter. Abby's teacher did that to and it really helped break the ice and get her excited about school.