Sunday, September 21, 2008

the grand champion

Can you handle one more post about the blasted fair? I apologize for not having anything else to talk about, but it's all this family lives and breathes in September. Besides, I see this blog as a family archive and this is definitely something that needs to be archived.


Notice that pumpkin behind Abby with the big red ribbon on it? That's her pumpkin and the ribbon means she was the Grand Champion in the pie pumpkin category.

All thanks to Papa, of course.



Julie said...

Yeah Abby! Now that's what I call a ribbon. You know you've done well when the ribbon is larger than the item!

Congrats on the photo prizes as well. The one of Abby and Maya is beautiful.

Sam said...

Had to quit my lurking and say congrat to Abby on her big win. Teaching kids to grow their own food is a lifelong gift. ;)

Betsy said...


Karen said...

Woohoo, Abby! Go baby go!

Tracey said...

Thanks for stopping by....Congratulations on the pumpkin win!!

Shan said...

Thanks everyone. She actually got a small trophy as well. She was beside herself and will be taking Papa out for "pizza and beers" to celebrate.