Wednesday, September 17, 2008

meeting the teacher

Well, all the hard work is done. All of our entries we're hand delivered to the exhibit halls this evening by Michael. The house is still a semi disaster and will likely remain that way for at least a day or too. Tomorrow night we get to play. It's "Ride Night". The night the volunteers and their families are allowed to ride the rides for free. Which means we'll all be taking turns holding Maya for endless rides on the merry go round. While Abby rides those cars with the annoying buzzer like sounding horn twenty times over.

Meet the Teacher night was great. Abby has yet another fantastic teacher. And her little desk..... too cute. I'm not sure what makes it cute. I mean it's just a little desk, but it has her name on it. And it's hers. Really, I think it's just the transition from the kindergarten room to a more traditional school type setting. Which just makes her seem so grown up. In keeping with the theme of the past two years, Abby's teacher expressed how excited she is to be at school and then we got to wander around and check out all the cool projects they've been working on. Including their first day of first grade paper on which Abby wrote she wanted to be a police officer. Which is a huge change from the crossing guard gig she was hoping to land.

And of course we couldn't leave without popping across the hall to say hello to Abby's kindergarten teacher who is still teaching my kid even if she's moved on to first grade. She put a mailbox up so the kids can write her notes or draw her pictures. Abby's already drawn her one picture, to which her kindergarten teacher replied to with a card. The great think is she's worked with the grade one teacher so the kids are allowed to use independent time to write to Miss Abby's Old Teacher, turning it into a literary project for the kids. I have said before, but I'll say it again. Our school has some really incredible teachers. Lucky us!

As we wandered around the school pausing to chat here and there with other parents we knew, people kept asking us if Maya was ready to start school next year.Maybe she looks big for her age, but the little doodle bug is only 2 years old. She's not going to be ready for school until 2010. Which means the school has two years in which to prepare for her arrival. I promised the kindergarten teacher to send her to school on the first day with a note that said..... Good Luck!!! I kid... kinda.

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