Sunday, September 14, 2008

sleepover movie night

All I'm hearing about these days it seems is all the campaigning that's going on. I was starting to feel left out so I decided to do a little campaigning of my own.

It's been a bit of an adjustment for Abby as she settles into first grade. The school everyday thing has taken a bit of a toll on her. Nothing too outrageous, we just need to be a little sensitive to her moods and a little extra patient with her. By the end of the week the idea of going to school wasn't exactly a popular one, so I decided to add an incentive and by doing so rack up some Cool Mom Campaign points. It's been a while since we had a movie night, so I offered up a "sleepover movie night" in exchange for getting through the last two days of school without complaint.

What exactly is "sleepover movie night"? It's something that just popped into my head while trying to get Abby to get out of bed and get moving. It maybe the easiest movie night theme I have yet to come up with. The plan was to put Maya to bed and for Abby and I to get in our jammies and watch a movie on the TV in our bedroom. But I didn't account for the big sister's heart....

But what about my sister, Mom? Can't Maya watch the movie too? She'd want to have sleepover movie night too.

Looks like it would be the three of us. So we popped some popcorn.


Jiffy Pop!? Who knew they still made this? We got ourselves some drinks and a box of smarties and headed upstairs.


And yes I let them eat the popcorn in my bed which makes me either the coolest Mom in the world (w00t! major CMC points on that) or the dumbest. Probably depends on who you ask. Anyone under twelve = coolest. Anyone over 25 and a Mom = dumbest.


So we cuddled up together. note to self ~ next time take the picture before the movie starts. And watched Surf's Up which was a very cute cartoon about a surfing penguin that was shot as a documentary. The girls loved it and Abby said it was the "funnest night!" Will definitely be doing sleepover movie night again.


Oh the sleepover part comes from me letting Abby sleep in our bed when the movie was over. Just in case you were wondering.


Julie said...

Very fun! I'm sure you definately earned super cool mom points!

Kristina said...

How fun! That's so sweet that Abby wanted her little sister there. Most big sisters would have bragged all week that they got to have special movie time with Mommy and little sis had to go to bed. You've got a sweet little girl there!

Betsy said...

That looks like sooo much fun! Can't wait until my girls are old enough to sit thru a movie. :)

Angela said...

You got definite points there

You can always change the sheets

Sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

You're so cool (and that comes from the over (ok, way, way over) 12 crowd :)

You've got the best girls!

Leah said...

We do weekly Family Fun Night, on Fridays, which is dinner in front of a movie. We haven't added in any sleepover events, but it sure sounds fun!!! Well, I take that back. Em and J often sleep in a blow up bed together on the weekends because for some reason they just don't think it's fun sleeping ALONE, so they have sleepovers together on the weekends. It's just not with me. whatever keeps the troops happy!

Shan said...

Julie - I hope I did:)

Kristina - Yep, she sure is.

Betsy - it was a lot of fun.

Angela - that's what I thought.

Suze - aww thanks.

Leah - they do love the sleepovers don't they. The girls actually slept together in Maya's bed Friday night. Then woke each other up at the butt crack of dawn Saturday, but they loved it.

lynda said...

How fun! I loved doing this with my dd and friends. I was thinking about tea parties today. I want to shrink my 24 dd down again.