Monday, September 15, 2008

wish me luck

It's getting down to the wire and we're in full out Martha Stewart mode around here and just crafting and baking our butts off. The deadline for our chosen entries to the Fair is on Wednesday. I'm entering 8 items, Mike - 4 and Abby, well, she seems to up to about a gazillion, give or take. Add that in with work and Michael's committee obligations and the Meet the Teacher barbecue and saying good bye to Auntie Yoli (sob) and volunteer night and riding lessons and the actual fair itself and there isn't a moment to spare.

But since I'm waiting for my potentially award winning chocolate cake to finish baking I thought I'd give you some love. Not linky love, sorry. I've barely had time to cruise by your blogs and I feel horrible about it. Karen and Suze I have partial emails written to both of you and Leah I think I had one from you I meant to reply to. I'm thinking by Friday I should be able to catch up with you all. Since traditionally that is the night that Michael hits the fair by himself and I chill at home with the girls. I just have to make it there first!


Holy cow! Where do you find the time! Good luck at the fair. I'd love to be there to taste all of the yummy things you are all making.
Good luck with the fair everyone!
Good luck! Take pictures of your prize winning dishes! : )
Life gets busy! This is the first time I've been visiting other people's blogs in about three days. So I understand!

Good luck with the cake! MMMMMMM!!
You're such a sweet friend. To make it up to me, I'd like a loaf of the cheese bread please :)