Monday, September 01, 2008

spreading the linky love #26

My poor Darlene is an animal magnet who is married to an animal magnet. Every stray around knows they'll get some love at her house. Their latest rescue mission was the cutest bunny you've ever seen. If only I had room for him....

The Ride for Africycle 2.0 was a tremendous success. The team managed to raise $8500 which has allowed Africycle to purchase a new shipping container. Talks for The Ride for Africycle 3.0 are in the works.

I triple love facebook. It lets me keep in touch with so many people so easily. Not to mention all the people from my past who've popped up and the new friends I've made. Chantal over at Bread Crumbs in the Butter is asking when is an appropriate age for our kids to dive into the world of facebook? What do you think?

Oh my gosh, these are totally adorable. If I liked black olives I would definitely make them for my next party.

Tomorrow is Abby's first day of grade one. I, shockingly enough, have yet to experience one panic attack about that. In fact I've had zero back to school anxiety for the first time in my life. It's hard to be anxious when the kid is so damn happy to be going. Although after she had been in bed for a little while I heard her anxious little voice calling down the stairs for me.....

Mom! How will I know which one is the grade one room? There are so many classrooms there!


Awhhh good luck Abby! You'll do great!
I hope Abby had a great first day. I'm dying to hear how my own Abby liked it. It's almost time to pick her up!
Happy 1st day of school to Abby! Hope it went well. Emily's is tomorrow and she was thrilled about school until she found out she pretty much doesn't know anyone in her class. LOL I think we've worked her back into being excited. I, however, am dreading the morning rush to be ready for school and at the bus stop on time. I like the lazy summer mornings with my kids. LOL
Thanks ladies!!