Monday, October 06, 2008

spreading the linky love #30

How is it I never knew about Skype before? I mean I've heard the word, but didn't have a clue what it was. We downloaded it yesterday at Dave's directive because whatever Dave tells me to download I do. By lunchtime we were chatting away with him in Holland. Well, to be fair, Dave was chatting. We're without a microphone. So he chatted and I typed and watched him work via his webcam! Now I have to order Auntie Yoli to download it so we can talk for free. Go on Auntie Yoli... download it now. I'll wait. Anybody else use skype?

And I finally gave in and started twittering. Is it called twittering? Tweeting? Whatever it's called I'm doing it and if you're so inclined you can follow me here.

Remember #160 I'd love to be way more organized than I am? Well I'm hoping the Organizing Junkie can help me out.

My camera is a pain in the butt. Right now it's not making me happy. There are times it behaves as it should and times when it shuts itself down for no reason or refuses to take a picture or just gives me the white screen of death. I would love to make this my new camera.

Want to know more about the Widney Woman? She's answering her reader's most pressing questions.

Did y'all know I was famous for a brief moment in time? Yep, the wonderful Michelle of bleeding espresso fame had me as her featured blogger this month. To say I was touched was an understatement of epic proportions.


michelle of bleeding espresso said...

I just hope Santa is paying attention....

Cristan said...

I have Skype - my sister and I both downloaded it when she moved to Germany. For a cheap, not so techno solution, plug your ipod or walkman headphones into the MICROphone plug in your computer. Or you can buy a headset at Walmart for under $20.

Kaci said...

Great links! :)

Leah said...

Congrats on being featured, that's awesome!!

I'm impressed you've narrowed down the camera you want. My camera has been busted since June, and I'm still nowhere near to figuring out what I want to buy to replace it. I've been using Emily's so I have SOMETHING, but it's definately not what I want for myself!

Shan said...

Michelle - isn't he always?

Cristan - Mike actually picked up a webcam and a headset for about $30 today. I'm set up and ready to chat now!

Kaci - thanks!

Leah - I think it's easier if you have a favourite brand. I have always really liked fuji. My current camera is not a fuji, btw.

Widney Woman said...

I LOVE your blogs. I'm getting caught up and laughing so much. Of course, your shout out to me is warming my heart right now.