Sunday, October 05, 2008

tiny moments - two for one

I am really enjoying our family time at the stable each Saturday morning for Abby's riding lesson. I dutifully bring my camera each week and managed to snap a couple tiny moment worthy shots. I couldn't pick between the two, so you get both.

The first needs a little explanation. On the outset it looks like a sweet picture of a dirty faced little girl. Look at little closer and you'll notice that tongue peeking out. Maya has a lisp and her 's' sounds come out like 'th' sounds. I managed to get her in the middle of saying 'cheethe'


At the stable we go to it's not uncommon to find the odd random horse wandering around unrestrained. Abby usually keeps a respectful distance. She's more comfortable in a traditional horse and rider setting. Maybe it was because this pony was more her size, but she followed this one around for as long as he was an interested participant.



Anonymous said...


Kaci said...


Leah said...

Both are super cute pictures! I'm glad you shared them both

Shan said...

anon - yep it is.

Kaci - thanks, I think they are:)

Leah - aww thanks Leah:)

Widney Woman said...


BTW, I didn't notice her face was dirty. All I saw was your mini me. Wait. That didn't come out right. I didn't mean to imply you are a dirty faced Blogmother. Oh, I just need to type in the word verification, publish this comment, and work at removing the foot from my mouth.