Monday, June 08, 2009

abby's cake

This past weekend Abby celebrated her birthday with our extended family. Just a big little barbecue with the Grandparents, Godparents, some cousins and an Uncle and an Aunt or two. The food was yummy and for once I didn't have two tonnes too much. Something that caused me to panic for a full 15 minutes, but I eventually got a hold of myself.

I, of course, made her cake. Still playing around with fondant. I liked the way it turned out, but -- and I can hear you already telling me I'm crazy -- I was not completely happy with it. My fondant ripped after I had it on the cake and I couldn't take it off without losing the most of the icing that went under neath it as well as the fondant itself. So I had to piece it together.


Abby was thrilled with it and everyone else thought it was lovely. But I can't wait to make another one to get some more time with the fondant. I think it needs more icing sugar. When I watch them using fondant on Cake Boss or Ace of Cakes there's does not seem to be in constant danger of ripping like mine was. Yep, there is more playing to be done.


Mike is just wishing I'd switch back to buttercream -- he is not a huge fondant fan. So I'll have to throw a little buttercream his way on my next few cakes to keep the grumbling to a minimum.


Lynn said...

The cake is lovely! Like a little princess nice for a growing up girl.

Technical question -- when you're working with the fondant, you put a layer of icing underneath? Buttercream type icing, or just icing sugar/water type glaze? And why?

Mommy Project said...

Great job, Shan!

Chantal said...

Beautiful cake. My sons school had a cake walk today and i was all set to make some marshmallow fondant and then I got too tired and opted for regular icing. I will experiment with it over the summer.

Betsy said...

That is totally cute! I love ace of cakes too :)

the twins said...

that is so pretty! i love baking but i can never really make my stuff look good. have to practice my decorating more, i guess.

Leah said...

It definately looks GREAT, and I think Abby's enjoyment makes it PERFECT, regardless of any rips... I think it's great you take the time to do that for the kids.

Me? I'm generally pretty happy to fork over money for someone else to be creative. Can't wait to see what my girlfriend comes up with for little cakes for the boys and cupcakes for everyone else for the combined birthday parties this weekend...

Shan said...

Lynn - thanks. She really loved it.

MP - thanks buddy.

Chantal - somebody said it was like adult play-doh. It is. have fun with it.

Betsy - Thanks and it's a great show.

the twins - practice, trial and error that's how I learned.

Leah - You are right!