Sunday, August 30, 2009

that sounds good to me some days too

Grandma Linda asked if Abby and Maya would like to come for a sleepover while she's on holidays next week and that led to the following conversation between The Abster and Mike.......

Abby: You have to promise me I'm going to go for a sleepover at Grandma and Papa's.
Mike: Well I think Grandma wanted you and Maya to come.
Abby: Can't I ever get some peace and quiet? I go to the sitter's and there's babies crying and the little kids are crying when they fall and scrape their knees. I just want some peace and quiet.
Mike: Well now you know how Mommy and Daddy feel some times.
Abby: You should just take the cranky one home and I'll stay at Grandma's.


too funny
That's cute. "The cranky one"! HaHaHa.
I love how she wants just "peace and quiet". Don't we all?
This completely cracked me up. TOO. FUNNY.
LOL!!! I'd have LOVED to have shipped my 3 cranky ones somewhere today. ha!
ROFL! Can you sign me up too?? LOL!