Thursday, August 27, 2009

you capture - food

My life has been consumed this week with getting everything ready for the garage sale we're having here this weekend. If you know where I live feel free to pop by the ranch this weekend. We're selling off the contents of Papa Al's house along with some odds and ends we had here. A lot of odds and ends. Toys, kitchen stuff, tools, books, records, vhs and dvd movies, a TV or two and a huge assortment of gently used little girls' clothes sizes 2 - 8. Some fabulous baking and who knows, Mike may drag out the barbecue. Also, if you wouldn't mind, throw up some prayers that the rain holds off this weekend so we can move a lot of this stuff and save Papa from hauling it all down to the Drop and Shop on Monday morning. All this to say that my camera hasn't spent much time in my hand this week.


This week's You Capture prompt was food and last weekend at Jammie movie night I played around with the punch and that will have to do.




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Mommy Project said...

Mmm...the punch looks nummy. I'm sorry I missed it this time around. :(

septembermom said...

The color is great. I bet it tastes good too!!

Betsy said...

Looks good enough to drink :)