Monday, August 24, 2009

we call her captain obvious

This morning it was back to the grind... work for us, sitters for the girls.

This morning on our drive Abby was eating a bag of fruit treats, Scooby Doo fruit treats when she asked Mike...

Do you remember when we saw the Mystery Machine? That was so cool!

And it's true we did see the Mystery Machine. A year ago. Parked in an alley downtown.


Maya is at the stage where she wants to do everything just like Abby, so now she needed to have a conversation with Mike too.....

Dad, we went to a horse show (they did yesterday with Grandma Sandi) and know what we found?

She waits for a beat before answering her own question



That is so cute! My M does that all the time :)
Very smart that Abby! =)

(and the mystery machine sighting is very cool! my boys would have LOVED that!)
Such a smart girl! Love it.
I saw the mystery machine once here. :)