Monday, September 21, 2009

family fun night - bonfire

I got the idea for last week's family fun night while I was cutting the grass. I pushed the lawnmower around the fire pit and thought to myself, we should have a fire. These cool early fall evening are just perfect for sitting out by a fire. We decided not to let the kids in on the plan and instead set them up in the toyroom with a movie while Mike got the fire going and I set out the snacks. Can't have a bonfire with weenies and marshmallows.

I got the girls to change into their jammies before they came outside. We did a lot of camping when I was a kid and being outside in my jammies by a campfire is one of the many good memories I have of my childhood.


Abby thought the whole jammies outside thing was just "weird". And I was all like, really?! Are you sure you're my daughter? Because you know, I'm looking for any excuse to wear my jammies.


Maya was a really great marshmallow roaster. If you like them blackened... and I do.


But for every six she cooked, she ate zero. So, for every six marshmallows she roasted, she gave six marshmallows to me. I was game for the first couple, but then I started tossing them into the fire when she wasn't looking.

After we ate we sat around watching the stars come out while Abby explained that we were in outer space and she'd just really like to know if there was life on other planets. And did you know? Stars are asteroids.

Both girls declared it the "best day ever!" Which, okay, they say a lot and it's from Spongebob, but I'll take it.

How was your family fun night?


Goofball said...

It looks like a very fun evening

Mommy Project said...

Ah, Shan...isn't it so nice that they are always saying, "that was the best day ever!!!"? Goes to show that you are giving them a great kidhood. :)

My girls were having their weekend fun having a Jammie Movie Marathon, complete with all 3 episodes of HSM...that is 'til Maddie got a tummy ache and had to come home...

Shan said...

Goofball - it was.

MP - Yeah it's pretty great! A movie marathon sounds pretty sweet too.