Sunday, September 20, 2009

getting crafty

It's just been a hive of activity here this weekend. Entries for the fair must be dropped off Wednesday night so this weekend has been all about that last minute push to get everything done. Yesterday Abby and Maya, even though she's too young to enter anything yet, made tiaras and sashes suitable for the fair queen. We turned a milk carton into a baby pig. We made a necklace all to go along with the pasta picture, original drawing and scrapbook page we've already completed.

This afternoon while our chicken was roasting on the barbecue we created some Christmas ornaments. A category Abby took second in last year (I think). With her painted lightbulb with sparkly gems.


This year we went with styrofoam balls, sequins, beads and straight pins.


Abby really enjoyed making these. It's a great craft for an older child who can handle the straight pins themselves. Having done it I think it's probably helpful to give the balls a quick spray with some spray paint. That's a lot of white to cover with sequins and beads for the little ones.

In the next couple of days we'll be working on rice krispie squares and cupcakes for Abby to decorate. As for me I've got a carrot cake I plan on entering. We'll see if I can bring home the red (ribbon) again this year.


Goofball said...

I honestly would not enjoy making christmas stuff already this time a year. I can't get into the mood so early.

Leah said...

wowzers, bottle up some of that crafty energy and send it my way, okay? I was thinking I was pretty hot stuff for making corn bread and snickerdoodles (two baking projects in the same day, that's SOMETHING around here, lately...LOL), and getting through some card-making AND cleaning. but you put me shame.

Shan said...

Goofball - oh I always start early!

Leah - only if you send me cornbread and snickerdoodles!