Friday, September 25, 2009

firday high five - what i won

I only had time on Thursday for a quick stroll through the hall where the homecraft exhibits are displayed and this was even before judging had been completed, but out of the photos I entered this much I do know.....

For this week's Friday High Five - what I won

Angela's Adventures


First!! This one took first. I am over the moon because when I took it I thought to myself - that's a good picture! Thankfully the judges thought so too. Also this was in the Advanced category. Really pleased. Mike also entered in this category and took third.


This one was good enough to take fourth in the blurred category.


This one was third in At The Fair.


Here's another third - Farm Fence. I feel I must tell you that Mike took first in this one and he was certain my picture was better than his.


And I think this is a totally sweet photo of new life on the farm (animals) and I don't think it won a thing. I'll have to take a closer look tomorrow.

I think I entered about a dozen all together. I'm looking forward to having the time to really check them out tomorrow, to see how the rest of them fared (no pun intended).


Way to go Shan!
congrats awesome pictures!!
Yeah! And extra congrats on the carrot cake win. Wish I could taste it someday!
That is SO cool, Shan! And I have to agree with Mike about your road photos... I like his - it's gorgeous, but you do much more with the composition.
Congrats on the win -- that photo is great! I'm so proud of you for daring to enter. Awesome!
AWESOME! for the record, I think your fence pic is better too ;-)
HeartnSoul - thanks.

Karen - thanks buddy!

Namine - thanks.

Julie - I promise shall we ever meet in person I'll have a carrot cake for you. Mike's always talking about visiting your neck of the woods, so you never know.

Jen - Aww thanks.

Lynn - You know, I didn't think it was a big deal until after they were handed in. Then I was a little panicked at the thought of not winning anything. Wasn't sure if my ego could take it. Ha.

Raine - thanks.
Congrats!! Way to go girl!!
and Hubs!!!
That is VERY VERY cool! I will have to seriously look further into finding out what (and how!) a person can enter at the fair. I wonder if ours has as many photography categories. It would be fun to do for the heck of it! Yay for you guys!
Yay! These are all such excellent pix -- great stuff!
Woo hoo! That is quite a haul! Good job!