Saturday, September 26, 2009

introducing simba, the lion king

It's bedtime. Maya is all tucked in and is now having a conversation with her BFF - blankey. Abby is just climbing into bed when she asks me if she's old enough to walk over to her BFF's house all by herself. I ponder for a moment (it's hard letting go isn't it?). It's only across the street and a couple of houses down. Hmmm.

Me: Well, you're seven now. I think you could probably walk over to Maddie's by yourself.
Abby: Sweet! And I don't have to tell you I'm going.
Me: Oh no. You're only seven. That's not quite old enough to be wandering around the neighbourhood without me or Dad knowing where you are.
Abby: How about when I'm fifteen?
Me: Can we not talk about you turning fifteen? Because I didn't even want you to turn seven.
Abby: I know you didn't, but Mom I have to grow up. It's my life cycle.
Me: Your what?
Abby: My life cycle. You know, you're a baby, then a toddler, then a kid and a kid, then almost a teenager, then a teenager, then an adult, almost a grandparent, a grandparent. Then you die. It's my life cycle.
Me: I see.
Abby: And it just keeps going and going and going and going. Forever.
Me: And who told you all of this.
Abby: I dunno. I just know it.


septembermom said...

Abby is really a smart girl. She is insightful and adorable.

Leah said...

NICE! ...almost a grandma, then a grandma, then you die. LOL!!!!

Kaci said...

LOL! Niiiice!!

Betsy said...

That is too sweet!! :)

Goofball said...


and 7 is old enough to walk (after telling you!) to her BFF indeed

michelle | bleeding espresso said...

That's awesome :)