Saturday, September 12, 2009

jammie movie afternoon

Today was the day the girls had been waiting forever for. It was jammie movie afternoon over at The Mommy Project's house. As the clock hands passed by 4 am this morning I resorted to threatening to cancel jammie movie afternoon if they didn't go to bed and stay there quietly until the sun came up. And that folks, was the phrase that pays - in the wee hours of this morning anyway.

I wish I could tell you all the fun that was had at jammie movie afternoon, but I dropped my cuties off and came back home to climb right into my bed and I slept. So lovely. I did snap some pictures of the kids on the way though.


They were not pleased with the delay.


This is Maya saying - come on Mama! Hold my hand! Let's go! When I was just trying to get a shot of them holding hands.


Of course once we got across the street, all bets were off. Abby took off running as soon as she saw Maddie out in front of the house. And there's Maya just trying to keep up. Story of her life.


Mommy Project said...

I think they all had fun and I was glad to get to kinda help pick who they were hangin' with for an afternoon. Your girls are Both terrific and Maya may be the littlest but she is a doll! So sweet and polite and well behaved! Glad to have them anytime. :)

septembermom said...

Now that's a fun time! They look adorable in the jammies.

Goofball said...

cute pictures

Shan said...

MP - they had the best time ever! And I am always happy to hear good reports back. Thanks, you made me smile.

SM - I thought so too.

Goofball - thanks.