Sunday, September 13, 2009

totally random

I feel like I spent most of this weekend asleep. I think that was largely because I was awake when I should have been asleep and asleep when I should have been awake.

Mike and I took a fruitless trip to the flea market this morning. Where we over heard the following cellphone conversation.... Hey you collect the original Star Trek, right? Cause I'm at a flea market and they have these Star Trek movies. It's Frank. What do you mean you don't know who I am. I've talked to you a million times. Frank. You know, Frank. Guy, I can't believe you're saying you don't know who I am. It's Frank. I'm the guy... you know.... the wop. Yeah, they're VHS. Oh you're only looking for dvd, huh? Cause they got the whole set.

Seriously! That's what he said. Mike and I could barely contain ourselves. The call went on a little longer, but that was the highlight of it right there.

We drained the pool this weekend. Seemed like we barely used it this summer. Here's hoping for a warmer one next year.

Mike is on the hunt for a good used snow blower. I can't believe it's time to be thinking about snow already.

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