Monday, September 14, 2009

family fun night - back to school

So the theme for last week's Family Fun Night as suggested by my buddy Normie over at the Mommy Project was Back to School. A timely suggestion, to be sure, but one that totally stymied me. I had nothing. In the end I think it worked out okay for me though.

You see we traumatized Maya Friday afternoon by getting her hair cut. She cried before, during and after. She was not happy we had a couple of inches taken off the length. She cried so much she exhausted herself and fell asleep on the couch at about 5:30. Every other time she's done this she's slept right through till morning. So I moved her up to her bed and figured I wouldn't hear from her again.

With Maya asleep Abby and I retired to our bedroom to watch our new favourite show....

03 (8)

The Penguins of Madagascar. I love that they got their own show. Well deserved. I triple love those penguins.

03 (21)

We hung out and chatted about her first week of school. Her new teacher, the new kid in the class, who sits in her group. All the important stuff.

03 (16)

And we played lockout. A great two player game, where you have to move 10 discs down through the cogs. You turn the cogs with a key and while your key is in a cog, it's locked out for the player on the other side. The cogs are offset on each side, so while you're moving your discs down, you could be helping or hurting your opponent. Make sense? It's a fun little game that even MyPie managed the fundamentals of.

03 (29)

You know when she woke up from her "nap" at 9 pm (and then stayed up until 4 am. Fun times.)

So it may not have been my most elaborate Family Fun Night. There were no themed snacks, no decorations, so huge crafty production. Just a simple night hanging out with my girls.


Kaci said...

Those are the best kind of Family Fun Nights! YA! And El loves those penguins too. :) XOXO

Kara @ His, Hers and Ours said...

What fun times!! We try to do family nights at least once a month, and play board games, and just hang out. Love it!

Leah said...

sounds like a perfect night! minus being up until 4am, that is... LOL

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Who needs fancy? It sounds like a perfect night, other than the staying up til 4 a.m. part.

Mommy Project said...

When I saw your tweet about FFN not going as planned, it kind of let me off the hook. We'll have to try again...but I guess us Mommies have to be flexible and take our together-time with the kiddos when we can get it! Looks like you girls enjoyed your time together...and that's what matters.

Shan said...

Kaci - how could you not love them. They are so stinkin' funny.

Kara - It is great fun!

Leah - yah that I could have done without.

Jen - true, they didn't need the fancy.

MP - a flexible Mommy is the best kind.