Thursday, September 03, 2009

you capture - old signs


Well this week's you capture prompt was old signs. Im going to be honest, I really had no idea where to even start. Then while I was out in the garage last week getting ready for the garage sale I just happened to pause and take a look around....


These came from the old fair grounds. Just a little memento that made it's way home with us. Luckily it was just the right side to cover up that broken window.


Okay, so technically not a sign - it's a record album. Just last week there were a lot of these taking up space in my garage. These two just happened to catch my eye as I was flipping through.



Papa worked for years for Case IH. So my boys like their tractors red.

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Goofball said...

old signs are so intriguing for the story they hold.
Nice pictures!

corrin said...

There's always an exception, isn't there? :-)

septembermom said...

You found some good ones!

Betsy said...

Those are good ones!!

Amanda W said...


Vera said...

Interesting pieces, all of them. Thanks for sharing these mementos :)