Friday, September 04, 2009

friday high five - lucky girl

The other night on facebook I posted that I was a very lucky girl and a friend posted - Hmmm. Do tell. - in response. So I thought I would for this week's Friday High Five.

Angela's Adventures

1. The facebook friend I mentioned above is my new buddy Rick, brother-in-law to the wonderful ML. Rick and I connect a fair bit via facebook, twitter and blogging, where he writes about his journey to healthier living by eating clean and exercising. He inspires me to eat better myself. Things like spinach smoothies, high fibre cereal, brown rice, spinach salad, low fat yogurt and almonds have replaced a lot of the junk I used to eat.

2. And I think I'm past the point of calling The Mommy Project a new friend. Our girls were instant bff's when they first met in J/K and next Tuesday they start grade two, so that ship has sailed. Even still, our relationship is in it's toddler stage so there's lots of room left for it to grow. A couple of weeks ago she left her older girls with me while she went off cellphone shopping with her adorable baby and her husband. Yes, I admit to some jealousy when they came home with a new iPhone, but bigger still I was thrilled she trusted me enough to leave her girls here. And it gets better.... Maya is a total cutie patootie, she's also has an attitude the size of Texas and the other afternoon she was disgruntled with life. So much so that I posted this on Twitter....


and then this....


I think she told me I wasn't her best friend anymore because I wasn't hugging her correctly. Yeah, it was that kind of a day. Abby was already playing at MP's and even after she had read those two tweets she still popped over and offered to take Maya back to her place to play with the other girls. And Lord forgive me, but I let her. Mike's been working double shifts most of this week at his regular job and at the farm, so I've been flying the after work hours solo. It was a huge gift to have that little break to get the rest of my house in order and reset my Mom patience levels. She didn't have to do that, but I'm thankful/lucky that she did.

3. I have a hardworking husband. On the nights that Mike's been moving bales at the farm he gets about a half an hour of home time in between the two jobs. Something he did three nights in a row and then was going in to his regular job to cover a shift on a Saturday. In exchange he's getting Tuesday off, meaning we'll both be home to put Abby on the bus for her first day of grade 2. Something Abby is over the moon about.

4. That I have good neighbours who can recognize that Abby's bottom teeth are, in fact, actually loose even when I don't believe it myself. The Abster mentioned earlier this week that something felt funny in her mouth. Well it turns out one of her adult teeth is getting impatient waiting for the baby teeth to fall out and is pushing it's way up behind them. She said her teeth were loose, but they didn't seem so to me. Luckily Jen took a quick look last night and showed me that yes they are, just a tiny bit. It is not the first time I've made her check over Abby for me and tell me what she and her expert Mom opinion thought. I'm lucky she puts up with me.

5. I'm lucky that my kids have grandparents that hook them up with sweet new back to school clothes. And that indulge The Abster's shoe obsession with new school running shoes and a pair or two of ballet flats. And make the toy room love seat look like almost new instead of the science experiment it was starting to look like.

Yep, I'm a lucky girl.


Mommy Project said...'s great having you across the street. Nice to know there is always an extra set of hands when you need 'em.
I'm a lucky girl, too.

Angela said...

You are one lucky girl!! I need a nice neighbor too! Mine suck!! Have a great week!