Monday, October 05, 2009

family fun night - apple picking

This past weekend Granny came for her monthly sleep over. The weather was not looking promising so we kind of lazed about for the better part of the day before deciding to pack the kids up and take them apple picking. Now I've never been apple picking before, but I knew Abby had been to this particular orchard on a class trip. So we quickly loaded them up in Granny's car and off we went.

Now Maya gets car sick, very easily. It's so bad that I'm worried about sending her on the bus next year for school. For some strange reason her getting carsick always seems to slip my mind until I hear her say "her sick is getting out" and we speed along down the highway and Saturday was no exception. Granny was pondering which way we should go, when I realized I hadn't given her any Gravol before we left the house. We decided the most direct route would be best.

We've heard that the installation of those "static strips" on to your car keeps the carsick from getting car sick. Mike bought and installed one after our last vehicular barfing session, but we haven't had time to test it out on a longer drive. Granny has the static strips on her car and I am happy to report that Maya's sick didn't come out at all on a drive that was well beyond her usual tolerance level. She was also sitting in the middle of Granny's backseat and could see where she was going so I'm not sure if our good fortune was one or the other or a combination of the two.

This orchard was a sweet little set up. I'd love to own/run something like this. There was a nice big playground for the kids, animals, a corn maze and of course apple picking.


Maya was equal parts concerned that we were "wost" in the corn maze and determined to find the "flaghole".


Which we did. She was also very happy to find our way out again. "Yay! We aren't wost anymore."

We let the kids play at the play area for a while, which was a large fenced off space with all kinds of slides, hay bales to climb on, ride on toys and a giant sandbox filled with back hoes, dump trucks and the like. After that it was time to check out the goats and bunnies before we got down to business.


I don't mind telling you Abby is an excellent little apple picker. She picked the vast majority of the apples we brought home. And when I commented on her mad apple picking skillz, she replied - "well I learned from the best!" I'm not even sure what that means because as far as I know she's been once to the apple orchard and that was two years ago.


Maya had no real interest in picking apples, she was all about the wagon and thinking she could pull it "by my own self!" Even though the apples out weighed her by more than a little bit. Good thing Granny was there to lend a helping hand whenever MyPie wasn't looking.

It was a really great day. We timed it perfectly to miss out on the rain. And we came home with a kajillion pounds of apples. Some of which have already been made into apple butter (8 jars), while others have found their way into a pie. Don't tell the rest of them, but they're all doomed to similar fates. Thanks Mom, the girls and I had a the best day with you!


Goofball said...

I think we had such strips on our car when I was a kid (a stripe dangling down touching the ground???). I don't remember it working either and I don't understand the logic as why such a thing would help motion sickness anyway? Do you know?
I thought motion sickness is caused by a discrepancy between the motion you feel (in your ears) and the motion your eyes register. That's why reading in a moving car enhances motion sickness and looking out improves it.

Mommy Project said...

Looks like fun, and great pics!

septembermom said...

My kids would have loved the wagon too. Great photos! Abby is adorable. Glad that you all had fun. Sorry about the car sickness. That's a terrible feeling.

Betsy said...

That sounds like so much fun! I am going to look and see if I can't find someplace around here like that!

Julie said...

i love apple picking. it just reeks of fall for me.

Shan said...

Goofball - they say that an excess of static electricity in the body can cause motion sickness. There are people out there who believe it and there are people that don't. We figure for $14 we'd give it a try to be able to have Maya in the car for longer than 15 minutes without having to drug her up.

MP - it was, thanks.

september - thanks!

Betsy - it was a great day. I highly recommend it.

Julie - I've never done it before, but it was super fun!