Sunday, October 04, 2009

this and that

Maya has taken to telling me that my "bum looks like a washing machine". I'm not even sure what to say about that.

Taking a picture everyday is not as easy as it sounds. I am attempting it and failing miserably.

Nothing like waking up Saturday morning to a basement full of water. Luckily Mike and Papa had plans to do some work down there Saturday anyway or goodness knows when we would have realized we had a pool in the basement.

I'm sad to announce that my breadmaker and my chocolate fountain both perished in the flood. I am heartbroken actually. I don't believe they make our model of breadmaker anymore, which is even more upsetting.

Only 44 more pages of data to wade through and I can call the first phase of "Operation Prize Tabulation" complete.


michelle | bleeding espresso said...

Oh Shan, that's horrible! Thank goodness you realized it is right...ugh. NOT a nice weekend :(

Angela said...

Hope things dry up soon.

Children do say the funniest things.

Betsy said...

That sounds like a good mix of things happening. Sorry about the flood.

Shan said...

Michelle - not a nice beginning to the weekend. Luckily it was an easy fix and every thing was under control in a short amount of time.

Angela - they sure do.

Betsy - thanks.