Friday, October 02, 2009

hourly photo

Andrea over at peek inside the fishbowl had a great idea - an hourly photo project. Since I had to work today, I wasn't planning on participating, but then I got home and said what the heck. I can snap one picture per hour until I drag myself up to bed. So enjoy my hourly photo project, the mini version.

5pm - heart to heart with Abby in our bedroom. Life lessons, ugh.


6pm - organizing to troops, tidy up time in the toy room.


7pm - TV break, Fairly Odd Parents I think.


8pm - Granny's here for her sleepover and she brought her singing bowl (which is very cool) and treasures from her trip to the East Coast.


9pm - Kids are in bed, time for tea.


10pm - Triple D time on the FoodNetwork.


11pm - Input a few more pages of data, before bed.



septembermom said...

What a great idea to get a glimpse of what's going on at your house! All cute photos!

thesmallmoments said...

Yea! I am glad you participated, even it was a mini version! Thanks for sharing!!!

Leah said...

That is actually a very fun idea!!! I may have to "steal" it for future blog post ideas. I've been a little slow in coming up with stuff lately.

Shan said...

Septembermom - thanks I may make it a semi-regular feature.

Smallmoments - thanks it was fun.

Leah - I know the feeling.