Friday, October 16, 2009

friday high five - fall

Fall is, by far, my favourite season. Which seems odd when you factor in all the anxiety inducing "holidays" I deal with (back to school & Halloween). So for this week's Friday High Five:

Angela's Adventures

My Five Favourite Things About Fall.....

1. I love the shift in my cooking. I make more soups, stews and casseroles. More comfort food. By the end of summer I am ready to be done with the grilling.

2. The weather. I mean summer is great. I love being in the pool with the kids, but there is nothing like a crisp and cool fall day. Although I'm sure The Mommy Project would heartily disagree.

3. TV nights with the candles lit and my knitting. I don't seem to bother much with either in the warmer months.

4. The fair, as much work and chaos as it brings into our lives, I still love it.

5. I even like the shorter days. Just kind of brings a slower pace to our lives and that is not a bad thing at all.


septembermom said...

I like your take on the fall. You're right that the shorter days can give us a chance to slow down and take notice of things.

I like the image of candles and knitting. It must be very relaxing.

Shan said...

September - It a nice part of the day. Kids are asleep, nice cup of tea and if I'm lucky Mike's actually home and not at a meeting.

Angela said...

I love love love fall! I love the weather although this year our fall has been VERY cold and VERY wet! I like the weather and I love pics of my boys in piles of leaves! They love to play in leaf piles! I also like to watch tv while in my chair with my blanket with the family and a fire in the fireplace. BUT GIRL don't get me started on comfort food! The crockpot is out and in full force!