Sunday, October 18, 2009

sunday photo walk

My brother and a friend of his are here spending the night. They both have a heavy interest in photography (in addition his pal is a chef, who's food is out of this world beautiful) with the cameras to back it up. So I felt a little out of my league when they invited me on a photo walk this afternoon. Me with my point shoot, granted it's somewhat of a fancy point and shoot, but they have the serious hardware.


I find since I've been taking more pictures I look at my surroundings differently. Wondering what kind of shot I could frame. Today I didn't shoot very much at all. Uncle Dave and I were too busy filling his friend in on the history of our little village with a few dozen personal anecdotes thrown in. So we chatted and I listened and watched. Paid attention to what they were paying attention too and resisted the urge to hoist my camera whenever they hoisted theirs. I did manage a couple of shots I really love though......


even if it did have to be pointed out to me.....


It was a lovely moment. I can honestly say I haven't ever been so close to a butterfly in the wild before. Of course it goes without saying that as lovely as my are pictures something tells me his were much nicer...


Ahhh camera envy, it went well with my iPhone envy. The boys had both on them today.


Beautiful shots, Shan. My pathetic (and not at all fancy) point and shoot is so sad. I have to open the lens now with my finger (thank you, kids). And so I have camera envy for yours. You make it work for you really well.
Still a beautiful shot!

PS Sorry for the lack of comments lately, school started and trying to get my groove back!`
oh but yours are beautiful too! The colours are amazing!
So nice! I love the butterfly!
Your pictures are beautiful! Mine seem to be always full of thumbs :)
beautiful butterfly!!!!!!!!!!!