Saturday, October 31, 2009


Tonight was Halloween and Abby has been over the moon excited about this for weeks. Ever since she decided she was going to be "a bat, but not a baseball bat. Just a regular bat. Like a vampire bat." And Maya, well she decided on a fairy and then she got sick. Horribly sick, poor little thing. Good news was she was so under the weather she didn't even care she was missing out on the trick or treating. Also she's still a bit to young to have any idea what she was missing out on.


So Maya hung out with Grandma Sandi in her jammies while we wandered the village with The Mommy Project and her crew. The girls were a tad excited.


From the right that's the Abster as a vampire (she decided to change the bat thing up and left the wings at home and wore the cape), Maddie as Hannah Montana, Jamie as Gabrielle from HSM and little Colie as Dipsy.


The wind was wicked and a touch bitter tonight. I even went so far as to pull out the scarf and stash a pair of mitts in my pocket. We weren't out very long before Abby declared herself too cold to continue.


I think, hands down, the highlight of her costume was the vampire teeth and the can of black hairspray/pain that Granny picked up for her. She's already lobbying hard for skipping tomorrow night's bath so she can wear her "black" hair to school. Any guesses who's going to win that one?

This year we went with a pirate theme with the pumpkins.


I carved the ship.


Mike carved the skull. Not bad, huh?

Overall it was a pretty quiet night. We didn't have anywhere near the kids we normally do. I'm not sure if it was actual sickness or the threat of sickness that was keeping everyone home. After heading home to warm up for a bit Abby and I ventured back over to The Mommy Project's house where we burst in on her and her house guests and invited ourselves in for the party. Lucky her my date for cards with ML and crew got canceled (but I still kept her company while one of her guys trick or treated, the other was home sick on the couch). Leaving me free to invite myself over. Two pop ins this week, I'm not sure how she puts up with me.


Mommy Project said...

I had a blast trick or treating with your family, Shan! I think the highlight for me was watching you and Mike bust out all your totally awesome Thriller moves in the middle of the street.

I was glad to have you pop back over later and I think I may make that impromptu party more official next keep your calendar open, gf! :)


Nice pumpkins!!!!!

Knowing Me, Knowing You time...

Goofball said...

wow wow wow, I'm in awe with your pumpking carving skills. Magnificent!