Sunday, November 01, 2009

winner winner

So it was nice of me to promise you all a giveaway and then never mention it again. I have to admit that end of the post was poorly organized. Never fear, my faithful readers. I promised to give away a gift card and give it away I shall. So I wrote down all your names (The Mommy Project gets 2 entries because she is a Twitter fiend. Seriously, pop onto Twitter at 11ish and you'll find us using it as our own personal IM). So I threw all you lovely Canadian ladies who commented via here or facebook or Twitter into a bowl, had my lovely assistant draw out a name and the winner is.....

The lovely Heather P.

Congrats Heazer. I'll try to remember to give this and your pizza pan I've had for 2 months to you next time we hook up. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

So what's up next for me?

How about a little virtual book club?

disclaimer: The kind folks at Indigo Books (via the ever helpful Sam at MS&L) have supplied me with a selection of current novels to read to kick off my own little virtual book club

Now my question to you is what should I read first?

1) The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.

Okay here's the thing I've seen the DaVinci Code. Which creeped me out a little bit. I don't do well with religious/torture type stuff. That thing he strapped on his leg was enough for me to bail on it. Mike convinced me to watch the rest, but I couldn't get that image out of my head for ages. Overall I enjoyed the movie, though. I have book version sitting on my shelf, with about 67 others that are waiting to be read. I am curious to see how his writing differs from the story telling of the movie.

2) The Year of The Flood by Margaret Atwood.

I have read very little Margaret Atwood, but have enjoyed what I have read. I recently read an interview in a magazine with Ms. Atwood that piqued my interest about this book.

3) Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Walls.

I cannot tell you how much I loved her first book, The Glass Castle. I could not put it down and when I was done I made Michael read it just so I would have someone in the house to discuss it with. In fact I received these books earlier this week and Grandma Sandi already dove into Half Broke Horses on her babysitting day here before the girls woke up. A few dozen pages in and she's already raving about it. And when Granny was here watching a sick Maya for me, she was strongly tempted to pick it up as well, but her patient was too demanding.

So those are my choices.... what do you think? Have you read any of these? Are you currently reading any? Do you want to read along with me?


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Hey Shan... I just wanted to say hi! I've been on an enforced leave of absence for a bit, but am hoping to get started again.

I've wanted to read the Dan Brown. I've wondered about Jeanette Walls - it seemed so heavy and I'm such a wimp. Ditto for Margaret Atwood - I love some of her books but find some so disturbing.

Lynn said...

I'll definitely be reading the Atwood book. It is a companion book to her novel Oryx and Crake, which I ADORED (and possibly you should read first?). I just read a review of Half Broke Horses in EW and I put it and Glass Castle on my reading list, so I'll be getting to both of those eventually too.

Now, WHEN I will actually read these things is a question :). But I'm interested to hear what you think of them :).

Merry said...

I would go for the Jeanette Wells book. I loved Glass Castle too! I will try to pick it up and read it in all my free & spare time. ;)