Sunday, November 29, 2009

breakfast with Santa

A few weeks ago Granny called and invited the girls (and me) for a sleepover and then to have breakfast with Santa. Now my girls like Santa in theory only. They aren't exactly fond of him as an actual person. Maya has never had her picture taken with Santa and it's been years since Abby has been willing to go see him. As soon as she was old enough to express an opinion on the matter, she was done. Growing up people in costumes always made me anxious and still do to a lesser degree. Kids on Halloween don't bother me so much anymore, but I still can't handle anything like a team mascot. Remind me to tell you about the time at the Santa Claus parade when the team mascot for our local football team made a beeline right for me and actually put his furry costumed hands on me. Oh. Em. Gee. I'm sure if they had taken my blood pressure at that exact moment I would have blown the cuff right off. Ack it's making me anxious, just thinking about it.... and I know I came through unscathed.

Anyway... I told Granny I would ask the girls and we'd go from there, never really expecting they would want to go. So I asked and Abby was game. It actually shocked me how excited she was to go, but only after I promised her she wouldn't have to talk to him or even look at him if she didn't want to. Hmmmm.... remind me again why we're going. And since Abby wanting to go.. well that was all Maya needed to know before she agreed to go.

Flash forward to tonight. The girls and I had been talking about our trip to see Santa next weekend. Abby wandered off to play, but Maya hung back.......

Maya: Why are we going to have breakfast wif Santa?
Me: Because Granny invited us and you guys said you wanted to go....
Maya: But we have food at home. I wanna have breakfast at home.

So this could be interesting.


Karen said...

My girls never want to see Santa either. In fact, this summer at Santa's Village, we did go into his house and they stood at least a metre away and they wouldn't go near him... they just cowered in a corner and then left.

I have no problem with that. I think it's healthy to be afraid of sitting on a bearded stranger's lap (nothing against beards, of course).

Julie said...

max was nervous about sitting on santa's lap, but was fine with sitting beside him on the elf's lap. maybe the girls would be the same?

good luck next weekend! maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised? maybe? perhaps? sorta?

Goofball said...

so how did it go?