Saturday, November 28, 2009


For the better part of a year I have been hosting jammie movie night for some of my best girls. I like to think of it as a low pressure night off for us hardworking ladies. You show up (or don't - no worries if they can't make it that month) in your jammies, kick back and laugh your butt off. I like to stick to the comedy genre when making the movie selection just to keep the mood light and fun.

It being the holiday season and all, I decided to host a little holiday potluck. Just to say thank you to the men for holding down the fort while we enjoyed a night off. We all made arrangements to be kid free. Which turned out to be a good decision. I'm not sure my little house could have stood all of us and a dozen or so rambunctious kids.

I had no real game plan in mind, beyond put the food out and enjoy some conversation. Oddly enough it turned into a movie night. It just so happened that Step Brothers was on the dish, a movie we've watched for movie night, but that I'm always up to rewatch it. As luck would have it the Russell Peters comedy special was on right after so we just continued to laugh our butts off. All in all it was a really great evening and if everyone had half as much fun as I did... well I'd consider it a success.

A big thanks to everyone for all the yummy food.

Special thanks to my online bff Rick (and Sherry), for making an appearance despite feeling way less than 100%.

Huge thanks to my Robin (and Tim) for helping me tidy up and load up the dishwasher before she headed back home. It was great waking up to a relatively clean house this morning. Love you for that.

Thanks to JJ (and L) for the lovely reed diffuser. I have it in my bathroom already. It smells fabulous.

And ML (and T), thanks for the blueberries and magazines. You spoil me, but I'm really okay with that.

I wish I had some thankful thoughts from last night to share with you about The Mommy Project and Miss Heather, but alas they bailed on us. Something about the pox and having a better offer - respectively.

Really I'd like to thank all y'all for being such great friends. This feels like a really great time in my life. I'm so glad you're all here to share the ride with me.


Lynn said...

I think this is a marvellous idea. It really has inspired me to start something similar. It's my new year's project!

Mommy Project said...

Ahhh...what a sweet post. I'm really sorry I couldn't make it but 1) We would not have been able to make it kid-free and 2) The Pox. Yes, The Pox.

I can't believe I missed out on "Our Movie"!!! boo. Ah well, I'll see you in a couple of weeks for our All Day Extravaganza!!!! Then you'll be totally sick of me.

Goofball said...

I'm odd....I don't like hanging out in my payama's, I only wear them for bed. I do love to hang out at home in some comfortable sports clothing (pants + sweatshirt).