Thursday, November 12, 2009

quiet night

Tonight I.....

Watched Abby's riding lesson. She's doing amazing and loving every minute of it, but dang it's cold in that arena. But seeing her trot with no hands... well that's totally worth it!

Made dinner - spaghetti and meatballs in the crockpot. Neither of the girls would touch it. Peanut butter sandwich for Abby. Fruit Loops for Maya. Which she ate with milk! I wouldn't of believed it if I hasn't seen it with my own eyes.

Helped Abby practice playing jingle bells on her ukulele. Basically I just needed to hold her music sheet. I think it kinda sounded a little like jingle bells. Sorta.

Did two loads of laundry. I think I may finally be buying into the Flylady's "one load per day" way of thinking. Of course the over achiever in me (snort!) did 2 loads.

Attempted to snuggle Maya out of her crusty mood. It was somewhat of a failure.

Took out the recycling and moved 30+ leaf bags out to the road for pick up. Okay to be fair Mike took out about a third of them, but the rest was all me.

Watched the coming attractions and the first 5 minutes of Ice Age 3.

Listened to Abby read The Little Pets - Teachers Pet for her book club. Was pleased to hear the improvement in her reading. I'm not sure if I mentioned she is now seeing the resource teacher for some extra reading help. It's a little bit worrisome, but I'm confident that between home and the school we have things well in hand.

Watched Survivor and The Office while folding 2 loads of laundry.

Put away two loads of laundry.

Tweeted The Mommy Project just a little bit. Really... way less than usual. I had too, she misses me when I don't.

Panicked - silently - about how quick Christmas is coming up.

Directed the toy room tidy up project before bed. You would have thought I had asked Maya for a kidney and not to pick up 5 webkinz and put them back in their bucket.

Tucked two little girls into bed. Both were zonked out within 5 minutes.

Made myself a tea and remembered to drink half of it before it went cold.

And now here I sit wondering where in the heck the night went. Feeling a tad frustrated that all that work was only a portion of what I wanted to get to tonight. Time to call it quits and attempt it all again tomorrow.


Karen said...

Wow, Shan, that's inspiring. Makes my day look lazy in comparison.

Anonymous said...

I think that I'm more impressed that you remembered what you did than how much you did ... good memory ... lv 'ante'

Leah said...

LOL Thanks for the chuckle. I love seeing that other mommy's have crazy evenings, too...

septembermom said...

You're a busy lady. Jingle Bells on the ukulele sounds great. That would make a fun video clip!

Kaci said...

I'm tired after reading all that...I'm going back to bed. :)

You rock at laundry! Come do mine...pretty please!