Monday, December 14, 2009

25 days of christmas - message from st. nick

I had heard about this site from a couple of different people before I went to check it out. At Santa's PNP - Portable North Pole - you can arrange to have a personal message sent right from the big guy, himself. I went there and punched in the required information for both girls - hair colour, eye colour, ages, what they wanted for Christmas and then I uploaded a picture.

So tonight for our 25 days of Christmas fun the girls each got a surprise message from Santa himself. Watching Abby get her message was pretty darn funny. You could just see her trying to figure it all out. She was also disappointed that Elwood didn't make an appearance.

What was even funnier was watching Abby watch Maya's message. There comes a point in the clip when Santa asks if - Maya in this case - has been naughty or nice before he opens his big book to check. While we were waiting for Santa to check, Abby was holding her breath. I didn't even realize it until it all came out in a relieved whoosh when Maya's name and picture popped up on the nice list.

I have to admit I wasn't too sure if Maya would be all that into it, but once Santa started talking to Abby - Maya turned to me and asked, "but, what about me?"So very cute. I highly recommend this for your little ones.


Just went and did this for Evan. So cute! Thank you so much for sharing!
Thanks for sharing.... just did it for my kids :)
I did this a couple of days ago. Can't wait to show it to the jellybean!
I did it for my girls too. Emily's reaction was perfect! Her eyes were like saucers and she kept saying "he knows all about me!". And then saying yes or answering everything he said. It was so cute!
the jellybean didn't really have much of a reaction. too young i guess. i'll be sure to do it again next year. it seems that all the older kids have such a great reaction.