Sunday, December 13, 2009

maya's first trip to kids club

Every other week my baby sitter hosts a kids club at her church. You have to be 5 to attend, but in the weeks leading up to Christmas (when she hosts it weekly) she lets the 4 year olds come if they have a parent with them. This year Maya, at almost 4, was deemed old enough to participate. I can't even tell you how excited she was to go.

That was, of course, until we got there.....


I'm not sure if it was all the kids (even though she knew a large portion of them) or the structured activity or what, but we weren't off to a great start.


Then it got a better. For a minute, until......


one of the volunteers spoke to her. The horror.

Meanwhile, Abby had completely deserted us and was off creating beautiful things because she is the self declared master of the glue gun. The kid didn't even burn herself, which is more than I can say.


So to recap - Maya's first kid's club experience started out rocky, then got a bit better, then she wasn't so sure, then she got right into it, but by the end she'd had enough of people and could be found hanging out here.


At least she was still smiling.

Oh and the project was wooden sleighs that my sitter's husband had made. The kids painted them and then there was a buffet of bows, greenery, flowers, bells and other holiday doodads that the kids glued on them to decorate. Maya and I tag teamed hers, she picked out the decorations and told me where to glue them while I worked the glue gun, burning my finger prints off in the process. Probably should of had Abby in charge of gluing on our project.


Mommy Project said...

Oh. Could Abby come help me? I burn my fingers off every time I try to glue gun Anything! Every. Time.

Leah said...

The projects sound adorable! and I have to add, I have yet to even THINK of letting Emily use my hot glue gun, let alone use it off on her own! Am I totally overprotective or what?? ha ha! Kudos to Abby for being the master of that weapon (I, too, tend to end up burned at least once!). What a fun day for all!

Goofball said...

the more often she goes to these, the more she'll like it.