Monday, December 28, 2009

christmas concert

The Friday before Christmas was Abby's last day of school and the day of her Christmas lunch and concert. Parent's Council at the school puts on a full "turkey dinner" for the kids. I say Parent's Council and we certainly support it, but the whole thing comes together thanks to one of our amazing Council Moms and she in turn organizes an army of parent volunteers. ML and I were there first thing in the morning to help set the tables with place mats and napkins. We then moved on to buttering buns (me) and mixing up stuffing (her).


Finally the kids showed up for lunch and I got to be "table Mom" at the Abster's table. There was meat to be cut and chocolate milks that needed to be opened. Abby was very happy that I was there, but disappointed that I didn't get a chance to eat with her and her friends. Lunch for us volunteers was hastily eaten in the kitchen in shifts before we returned to our respective posts. For ML and I that was dishwashing duty. Our Christmas lunch is held at the community centre next door to the school which has a push through type diswasher, so I set up shop at the dirty end loading racks, rinsing dishes and pushing them into the dishwasher. ML held down the fort at the clean end, making sure all the dishes got back to their respective spots. With 160ish students, plus invited guests, parents, grandparents, staff and volunteers that equals a heck of a lot of plates, cutlery and glasses. Not to mention the stuff we used for cooking. Our goal was to get it all done as quickly as possible so we would be back at the school in time to see the kids perform their Christmas program.


Abby's class sang that Alvin and the Chipmunks hit - Please Christmas Don't Be Late. They were of course as adorable as anything. She also performed with the rest of her ukulele class, two songs - Must Be Santa and Jingle Bells. MyPie and I snuck up to the front to video it. I apologize in advance for the crappy quality. The lighting for the concert was not the greatest for us parents trying to immortalize our kids every moment. I think our school should hire The Widney Woman's fella to light next year's production. He's a rock star.

After a full day the girls and I ended up at ML's just hanging out and doing crafty things with Perler Beads. These were so much fun and they kept four kids (3-10) and three adults busy for hours. Check out my awesome snowflake ornament...



Goofball said...

wow what a wonderful yet very busy day!

Shan said...

Yes it was!!