Friday, December 04, 2009

friday high five - the first few days

So the 25 days of Christmas continues to be a big hit here. So for today's Friday High Five - this is what we've been up to so far....

1. The first night we wrote our letters to Santa. You can read Abby's here. I've already warned her not to expect to get her entire list. Although she's still hoping the trampleen makes the cut. Here's a spoiler for ya - it doesn't. I helped Maya write hers:

Dear Santa and Reindeer - My name is May and I am 3 years old. For Christmas I would like Kai Lan, Dora Dances on her Toes and Hot Wheels. I want to make a different Christmas tree. I want it pink with pink icing on top and big like my Mom's. I can't wait to eat with you. Love Maya.

2. On the second day I printed out this colouring page of Santa's workshop. Abby was trying to figure out which Elf was Elwood. The note said that Elwood's buddy Noelle had drawn the picture for him. Noelle is the Christmas fairy that has been visiting The Mommy Project's house. Look at me writing crossover storylines. Maybe I can get Shonda Rimes to hire me.

3. On the third night - well that was riding lessons and parent teacher interview. Grandma Linda had picked up a huge Christmas themed search and find book. It's probably 2 feet by 2 feet. Grandma Linda and Papa were watching the girls at their place while we were at the school, so we left Elwood's note with the search and find book. So they had fun looking for candy canes, elves and whatever else was on the checklist.

4. On the fourth day, well I admit I was feeling kinda tired and my plan was to pull out one of the Christmas themed storybook I had ordered through Abby's school, when the new Tinkerbell movie - Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure started playing on Playhouse Disney. So I quickly wrote a note saying how Elwood put Tink on the TV special just for us and we should get in out jammies and snuggle on the couch while we watched it. So the kids laid all over me while I tried to knit and we watched the tinkerbell movie and Abby tried to figure out how Elwood got into our living room and put the movie on the TV.

5. Tonight we're spending the night at my Mom's. So the girls will get their note from Elwood there. (And perhaps a buck or two from the tooth fairy as well.) The note will have a password for them to use online to see their personalized message from Santa. I can't wait to see the look on their faces when they watch them. The message is tailored to the person you're sending it too, little kid or adult. Should be fun. Get your own here.

And how are your 25 days going?

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Erin said...

This 25 days stuff is hard work! It's only day 5 and on 2 days already I have sprung up in bed at 5 am saying "oh my peas!" (I watch too much Super Why).. I forgot to write the letter!