Saturday, December 19, 2009

game night

Well I did it! I finally did it. And I still can't believe I did. After, literally, years of talking about hosting a games night I actually did it. You know I have to say when I put the word out to the Jersey Girls that they should bring their husbands and come out for some game night fun it seemed like a good idea.

Then we got to the day of and I wondered what in the heck I'd been thinking. I had no plan at all, no idea what game to play or where I was going to put everyone. Nada. Which led to thoughts of - why am I even doing this? No one is going to have any fun. What a ridiculous idea. Blah, blah, blah. Because if I'm being truthful I wanted to have one of those nights you see on TV/in the movies. You know what I'm talking about... life long friends, who share tons of memories, have standing games night date and is the most fun thing ever. I know - the pressure, right? Lets be honest, this was going to have a hard time living up to my ideal (the perfect, scripted Hollywood version).

Luckily my girl ML, is all about this kind of stuff. Friendship with her comes with a fully stocked games cabinet, craft cupboard and a blueprint for fun. So I supplied Pictionary and punch. She showed up with spinach dip (my FAVE), an easel, a large sketch pad and markers. I admit I was still feeling kind of anxious about the whole thing even after everybody got there and we fumbled around trying to figure out the best way to play the game. We started by the rules, but then quickly adapted the play to best suit our group. As Mike pointed it out it was unlikely the Pictionary Police would be patrolling our neighbourhood that night. I mean Canada is a big country, what would be the odds they would be in our hood?

And my living room is small and Mike and I wondered how we'd manage with everyone there, but we squished in together and shifted over and moved around and it worked.


Of course you know we had to play boys against the girls. And I don't want to brag or anything, but to borrow a Tweet from my pal The Mommy Project .......


Oh yes, we were that good. So good we had to start a mercy rule for them, you know like in little kids t-ball? So good, Michael accused us ladies of mind melding with each other. I have another theory though.....


They may have scored more points if they played with their eyes open. Just a theory of course.

So we played and we laughed, oh how we laughed. Laughed until our sides ached. Laughed until I started to worry that several people would need to be resuscitated. And we played late into the night, really late for poor Mike and T who had chores to do before the sun rose the next morning. So I consider it an epic success. Truly, if they all had half as much fun as I did, then wow! I'm only sorry that all my Jersey Girls couldn't be there. Robin had other Christmasy plans. JJ is living at hockey arenas right now. And Heazer fell victim to the sandman.

I am certainly looking forward to doing this again. I hope you're all looking forward to being invited.



I love the eyes open comment avec picture!

I always feel like our place is never big enough for people. J gets mad when I count our seating and invite that number of people.

Goofball said...

sometimes we worry too much in advance right? I'd do so too . Glad it was such a success!