Thursday, December 24, 2009

what i love

Thanks to Dani for another great posting idea..... the five things I am loving about this Christmas.

Christmas Eve service. I really do enjoy service on Christmas Eve. It's always filled will my favourite thing...... Christmas carols. Hearing a bunch of people singing together is so beautiful. The service got off to a bit of a rocky start, but that was largely to do with Maya's mood. It was not her best one, but since she has the chicken pox, I'm trying to cut her some slack. Yep, despite the vaccination she's still managed to catch a mild case of the pox. It amounts to about a dozen spots, mostly on her face and has put her in the most foul mood for the past few days. They are starting to fade now, so here's hoping the mood thing turns a corner.

That we have simplified and scaled back. This Christmas season (so far) has been one of the most stress free ones we've celebrated. The shopping happened with ease and without the use of credit. I am excited and happy about the gifts we have to share with our friends and family.

That I had the chance to be off and help out at Abby's Christmas lunch at school. It was such a treat. I promise a full post and crappy video of Abby playing the heck outta her uke very soon.

That Abby still believes. She's going to be 8 in 6 months. I know we can't ride the Santa train for much longer.

That I get to share this Christmas and every day with my Michael and our beautiful girls.

Merry Christmas all!

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