Friday, December 25, 2009

a photo an hour - christmas day

I thought I'd take a sweet idea from the Queen of the 25 days of Christmas - Andrea, from a peek inside the fishbowl and take a picture documenting each hour of our Christmas day festivities. I'll post them as time allows, although we're headed to Grandma Linda and Papa's later this afternoon so I'll put up a bunch later tonight. These will just be what a snap, when I snap it regardless of how it looks.

Here's our day so far............


7am - Someone is a little excited!


8am - That is one super cool hat! I wish they had one to fit me.


9am - Playing our new Six Flags Wii game.


10am - Aww they kill me with their cuteness!!!


11am - Boxing up some treats. Man do I love those boxes. So cute!!


12pm - AMC was playing a Christmas Vacation marathon. I'm not going to lie to you, we finished up watching this one and kept watching as it started again. Love it!


1pm - A few last gifts to wrap. Yep, magic marker written right on the wrapping paper. That's how I roll.


2pm - Light scribing a dvd I was in the process of putting together. Super cool!!


3pm - Finally at Grandma Linda & Papa's with Cottonball.


4pm - More Littlest Pet Shop, her favourite. p.s. She's growing out her bangs.


5pm - Bow head!!


6pm- Mama, do you have any threes?


7pm - Mmmmm dessert!


8pm - Shhhh. Sleepy girl.


9pm- And Mommy is sleepy too. Off to bed with some TV. I think I watched 10 minutes of this before I fell asleep. Bonus points if you can name the movie.



Not sure how you can do a pic an hour. I am looking forward to more pics!! Merry Christmas!!

Mommy Project said...

Loved the "pic an hour"! That was great. Looks like you had a fun day. :) Merry Christmas!!!
..."Mary...that's my name!"
..."No sh**".

andrea from the fishbowl said...

Love it! It's a really neat insight into your day. Looks like you had a great little Christmas too! :)

Kaci said...

Crap I know that movie I do, I it Bring It?

Looks like a awesome fun Christmas!!

Sam said...

Amazing the details.
Merry Christmas!

Bring It On??!

Shan said...

WW - it does take some dedication and some committed clock watching.

MP - It was fantastic!

Andrea - it is. Thanks for another fabulous idea. I can see using this again and again.

Kaci and Sam - it is Bring it On. Only the best cheerleading movie:)