Tuesday, January 19, 2010

dear maya

Well today is the big day... you turned four today. Something you are incredibly excited about. I think you know that four means big things. That four means school and a whole new world that will be separate from me. I'm hoping we both manage to adjust to that without too many hiccups. You see, we had a shaky start, you and I. Well, you and everybody, to be fair. I am not the only one who was and continues to be affected by your early days in NICU when you just couldn't figure out that you needed to do that breathing thing all the time. And nobody could figure out why you couldn't/wouldn't do it. I'd just like to say - thanks for finally mastering that little life skill.

But while you were figuring it all out, you were scaring the crap out of me (all of us actually) and when the smoke cleared I was a different kind of Mom then I was before you were born. We've spent the past four years in each other's pocket. "Only Mommy Will Do" - that has been your personal motto. With school looming on the horizon I've been pushing you to be a little bit more independent which is working out pretty great. You love to get yourself dressed and pick out your own clothes. I mean maybe capris in January isn't the best idea, but we'll work on it. We hear lots of... no Mommy, I can do it... these days. I have to remember to leave you some extra time to tackle tasks like zippers and mittens yourself.

You continue to be enamoured with your big sister. More than one evening has been spent with you chasing Abby around the house trying to get just one more hug. You want to have a sleepover every night, but you hog the bed and the covers and you take forever to fall alseep, so Abby just rolls her eyes and asks if she can just sleep by herself and you always agree with the biggest smile for her because whatever Abby wants is just fine with you. Unless of course we're talking about the Wii or Barbies or Polly Pockets or Little Pets or blocks. It can be a struggle when it comes to taking turns or sharing, but it's nothing too out of control. You really are such a sweet and considerate girl. You make my heart melt a million times over.

You're really coming out of your shell around people. Sometimes if there's a lot of new people you take a while to warm up, but once you get going you can hold your own. You love giving hugs and hand them out pretty freely. That's a long way from the girl who refused to even make eye contact anyone who wasn't Daddy, Abby or I. This is all good news, I'm sure, to the bride who's asked you to be a flower girl in her wedding next fall. We have a letter from her that outlines what you'll have to do that day and you are so excited every time I read it to you.

I am so looking forward to exploring four with you. It almost seems like a the newborn stage all over again. So much to discover. I can't wait to see what four will bring us.

Love you, Baby Girl.


Leah said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwww this was sooo sweet!!!

Julie said...

so sweet. happy birthday maya!

Mommy Project said...

I am so excited for little Maya to get to go to school this fall - she is going to love it. We are SO lucky to have Miss M. She made "going to kindergarten" something ~wonderful~ rather than scary for all the kids. Such an exciting age. Although, that day at the bus stop probably won't be much fun for Mama.

Happy Birthday Maya!!!!