Sunday, January 17, 2010

great, it's a date

Oh my gosh, you guys.... this was the best weekend and I can't wait to tell you all about the super adorable birthday cake, the party that had no water and yet I still somehow managed to shoot water out my nose. (It's kinda like the time I got drunk at a dry wedding... don't ask, it wasn't one of my prouder moments.) Oh and how I dragged my sister-in-law across the kitchen table... she was being stubborn and I wasn't having any of it. And how opening gifts took forever because my super adorable almost four year old is the sweetest thing evah. And how every single member in my family is an ultimate rock star... I kinda want to cry whenever I think about how awesome they all were this weekend.

But dudes I am beyond tired and a post of that magnitude will require uploading of pictures and I'll have to be all witty and clever and everything (HA!! I am sooooo funny!!). So lets plan all of this for tomorrow... kay? Does that work for you? Perfect, I'll hook up with you then.

PS I know I am totally late responding to The Mommy Project's laundry showdown -- but I want you to know I totally kicked it's ass and I have the terrifying laundry pics to prove it.... you'll just have to wait for those too.


Kaci said...

LOL! Can't wait for the pics!!

septembermom said...

I'm looking forward to more details and pictures. Sounds like a fun time!