Friday, January 15, 2010

for the record it was wade

Yesterday Abby brought home a little project she has to complete for school. It's all about her name, why her Dad and I picked her name, what her nickname is and so on. She needed a parent to help her with this, so this morning she and I started talking about it....

Abby: I don't even know why my name is special.
Me: Well it's special because when you were just a tiny little thing in my tummy Daddy and I decided that Abby is what we wanted to call you for your entire life. That's why it's special.
Abby: Did you know I was a girl.
Me: Nope.
Abby: Well what if I was a boy?
Me: Well we had a boy name picked out too.
Abby: What was it?
Me: Well if you had been a boy what would you want to be called?

She ponders this for a moment and then.....


So guess who just got a new nickname.

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