Friday, January 29, 2010

friday high five - family pictures

For the last few years we've been exchanging homemade Christmas gifts with Uncle Dave and Auntie Mel. This year Auntie Mel felted a couple of super cute purses for the girls. For Mike and myself, I had asked if Dave would please take some family pictures for us. You know since he's the uber talented artistic guy who just so happens to co-own a design firm that has crazy camera gear. So he loaded it all up and made the two hour trek to our backyard and shot some really fantastic pictures. So for this week's Friday High Five I give you 5 pictures from our photo shoot. I can't even tell you it's my 5 favourite shots, because they are all awesome.


Dave started shooting Maya first. Big mistake. She was not down with it at all. While I agonized over trying to get her to smile even a little bit, Uncle Dave told me not to worry he was getting good stuff anyway. He says this one is his favourite and that she looks like a wizard.


Abby was a much more willing participant, but she definitely had her own idea about how she wanted the session to go. This is her with the two things she was loving the most that day - her bmx bike and half her halloween costume. Helmet on for safety. Anybody else think she looks like a super hero?


Uncle Dave asked if the girls could jump up and down for him. I think this is a pretty fair representation of their personalities. Abby is all - sure let's have fun. Maya is all - you have got to be kidding me. I will not. Do you think I'm some sort of a trained monkey? Not happening my friend!


Well it took an hour or two, with a break for playing on the swing set, but Maya's finally starting to enjoy herself.


I cannot even tell you how much I love this picture. I don't think I could have imagined a better family portrait. Truly the best Christmas present ever. I've already made him promise to do this again in the fall.


Amedy said...

lovely family kids is so pretty

Mommy Project said...

So, so, beautiful!
Great work, Dave!

Goofball said...

great pictures

cute how everyones personality is so well reflected