Thursday, January 28, 2010

thursday throwdown - photo back up

Well she's done it again. The Mommy Project as issued another Throwdown. This one is all about the photo back up. I have to admit I am not stellar with this. I do get to it at least once per year. I burn each year's pictures onto a DVD. I keep them stored in a cd/dvd holder I picked up from the dollar store. I also upload my favourites to flickr and facebook.

I usually keep a copy of the past years pictures on my computer to use in a blog post or in the dvds I make. Each year the grandparents get a dvd of a year's worth of pictures set to music. It's a nice gift and they all seem to enjoy getting it. So while I don't back up every single picture I take to multiple sources I do have a pretty sizable collection of copies out there.

For this year I plan on being more organized. I'd like to work on the dvds month by month instead of the mad scramble I usually do in the days leading up to Christmas. I'm also going to try and burn my pictures to dvd month by month. In all the time I've had a digital camera I'm lucky to have never lost a picture. Very very lucky. So for now I am on top of my backing up, for the most part. I must renew my flickr pro account because while I have a few years worth of pictures uploaded there, I can currently only access the last 200. Time to pony up that $24.95.

How do you manage your digital photos?


Mommy Project said...

Thanks for playing, Shan!
It's good to hear what other people do to organize/keep safe all their digital files.
I'm thinking i'm going to use Picasa3 because I am Totally in love with their software and it's supe-cool face recognition technology...but it seems everyone else uses'm wondering if I am missing out on something important. I'll have to look into it.

Thanks again, GF!

Goofball said...

when I upload them from the camera, I always immediately save them twice: once on the laptop and once on the exteranal hard drive disk which is on a network at home.

If I work on my PC....I then try to remember which pictures I latest uploaded and I download them once again on the PC.

That way I have all pictures on 3 sources, regardless whether I've uploaded them on FB or my blog or our website.

...the only sidetrack is if there's a fire at home and all 3 sets of hardware are gone. I really think we should have something at a different location or in a fireproof box or something. If anything I'd miss from a fire, it would be pictures; Can't imagine loosing them.