Friday, January 22, 2010

it's a throwdown - laundry

So last week The Mommy Project offered up a laundry throwdown. Which was timely because I had been dealing with a broken washing machine that required babysitting so it wouldn't flood the first floor of my house and I had lost my mojo. We were quite literally drowning in dirty clothes. So once the washer was fixed I started throwing things in and ended up with this......


Yes that is a mountain of clean laundry on my coffee table and another mountain on my couch. Luckily Michael Clayton (great movie btw) and I managed to get it looking like this.....


I feel I must tell you that the stack of towels actually starts on the floor! And yes I did put every single bit of it away. Okay, not all of it. The girls can put away their own stuff. Of course with Maya it's a little bit of hide and seek when she's done. Which drawer did she put her shirts in this time? But really that seems a small price to pay not to have to put every single item that gets washed in this house away by myself.

And now I get to do it all again this weekend. Man, do I love laundry.... not!

And hey why not join us for this week's showdown..... backing up all those precious photos you're storing on your computer! You have until next Thursday friends!


Mommy Project said...

Ohhh...nicely played, Mrs. Blogmother. I'll see you Thursday to see if you do as well on this next throwdown!

PageRank Check said...

i wanna cry i have unfinished lundry

Goofball said...

I worked my backlog in laundry away this weekend! Woohoo , feels good huh.

Too bad that the laundry baskets starts filling immediately again in a never ending cycle.