Thursday, January 21, 2010

maya's party the good and the bad

The Good: While I focused on decorating Maya's cake and cupcakes my Mom cleaned my house. And I mean really cleaned my house. She vacuumed under the couch cushions and I don't even want to tell you about the collection of Polly Pockets, Little Pets, markers, sippy cups half full of a fermenting milk/cheese product, dust bunnies and various other kid stuff that she found under our couch and two love seats. Oh and she did my laundry.Well I put it into the appropriate machines, but she folded it all.

The Bad: Maya woke up with a fever. I should have realized it when she kept bursting into tears whenever some one so much as looked at her.

The Good: Motrin 8 hour fever reducer.

The Bad: It wore off exactly as we were having dinner and I had forgotten the bottle at home. Thankfully it was a short trip back home, but until it kicked in I had to eat my dinner with her on my lap. Just like the newborn days.

The Good: She did want to eat Doritos, so she'd get down off my lap, walk over to the buffet table and bring herself back one chip, climb into my lap and eat it, then get down and repeat the process.

The Bad: TLP "helpfully" brought Maya a little cup full chips so she wouldn't have to walk over and get them one at a time. TLP didn't realize I was using that little break to actually eat my own dinner. The look on her face was pretty funny though when she did figure it out, which was right after I told her the benefits of having Maya walk to the buffet table one chip at a time. I still love ya though, TLP.

The Good: Uncle Dave and Auntie Mel took care of all the food set up while I set up with craft table and dealt with......

The Bad: No water. As soon as we got to to the hall we realized there was no water coming out of any of the taps and we had 20 people coming for dinner in half an hour.

The Good: Papa!! He worked like crazy trying to figure out what happened to the water. When he realized the problem was likely four feet underground somewhere between the church and the manse he filled up buckets of water so we could flush toilets and wash dishes and rejoined the party.

The Bad: We were missing some of our favourite people - ML & her crew, The Mommy Project & her crew.


The Good: Auntie Yoli (and Jena!)!!! Oh my gosh how I miss that girl! Luckily she was off work and the weather co-operated so she could be with her god daughter for her birthday. I am so thankful she made the drive. And Uncle Dave and Auntie Mel, too. Not exactly a short trip for either party.

The Bad: No water made washing dishes a chore.

The Good: Papa & Grandma Linda!! They boiled water folks, to so they could wash the dishes. Seriously! Are they rockstars or what?! And they washed the dishes!! All of them. And then when I thanked them, they both looked at me and said - for what? we didn't do anything. Aww love this family of mine.

The Bad: The first look Maya got at her cake she growled at me - Is that my cake? I don't like Little People on my cake.


The Good: She got over it.

The Good: As Maya opened her gifts she took a break in between each one so she could hug each person individually and say thank you. After she asked if she could share the toy/game/book with her sister. Oh my gosh... heart melting everywhere.


The Good: Perler Beads. Need to occupy kids? Buy a bucket. I promise you will not be disappointed. We had kids from almost 4 to almost 60 quiet and occupied for for the entire evening.

The Good: All the extra hands helping tidy up after dinner!

The Good: Uncle Dave and Auntie Mel spent the night and Auntie Yoli and Jena came back to the house after the party wrapped up. We ended up playing spoons and yes at one point I had dragged Auntie Mel halfway across the kitchen table, both of us hanging on to one end of the same spoon for dear life. Oh and btw, I ended up victorious on that one.

The Bad: Overall I suck at spoons.

The Good: My brother is super funny. His comedic timing knows no bounds.

The Bad: Sometimes he's funny at inopportune times. Like when I'm drinking a bottle of water and then I shoot it out my nose. True story. It's more uncomfortable than you'd think.

The Best: We were with our amazing family celebrating one of our two amazing girls. Does it get any better than that? I mean, really.... who needs water when you have all of that?


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Merry said...

Looks like it was a great party with or without water!

Julie said...

sounds like an awesome time. i love how all of your birthday parties are at hall. it such a community event. i wish i had that!

Goofball said...

Wow what a big party with so many people involved. Sounds like you're surrounded with super friends and great family. How great !!

PageRank Check said...

Lovely kids so cute