Monday, February 15, 2010

family fun night - up

With yesterday being Valentine's Day I kinda made family fun night into family fun day. Mike and I don't really do the valentine thing. Although he did send me a "you are loved" decoration for my Farmville farm. Which truly tickled me to no end and not just cause it got me 25 experience points, it's the thought that counts. I gave him a card that was glued into the lastest US Weekly I had kicking around. It was actually an advertisement for getting away to Vegas, so I just crossed out the parts that didn't apply and it worked just fine.

While the girls slept I cut hearts out of construction paper wrote sappy messages all over them. Then I created a curtain... think beaded curtains from the 70's... and hung them over there doors. It was awesome when Abby woke me up at 3 am to ask me why there were hearts hanging from her "door outline". Damn you 3 am bathroom breaks! I mumbled it was a valentine's gift and she should go back to bed and appreciate it in the morning. The morning found the two of them up bright and early. Mike and I stayed in bed and listened to Abby read, first her messages and then her sisters. Was seriously cute. I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of their doors. I was just too busy enjoying the moment.


Downstairs for breakfast I made pink heart shaped pancakes, which I poured out free-hand. Mike was suitably impressed with my mad pancake skillz. Even if he did skip the pancakes for a more point friendly breakfast of a toasted tomato sandwich.


We did eat our breakfast on the good china and drank our juice out of wine glasses.


Except for Maya, who doesn't eat pancakes. Instead it was fruit loops in a plastic bowl I picked up at Wally for a buck. And her milk in a sippy cup because she fa-reaked when she saw the wine glass at her place. I did catch her later, trying a bite of pancake and she told me she liked them. Of course you never know, with Maya, if that phenomenon will ever occur again.


After an early bath we banished the kids upstairs to change into their new valentine's day jammies (thanks Granny!!) and to watch TV in our room until we called them down. Abby had asked when we could go back to her favourite restaurant (Swiss Chalet) because she loves their mini burgers. Pshaw! I can make mini burgers. So while the kids hung out at the top of the stairs asking every 5 minutes when they could come down for their surprise. Mike and I whipped up some mini burgers on our Not George Foreman Grill. Well Mike whipped up the mini burgers. I spent my time blowing up helium balloons and attaching them to the back of the couch.


Why, you ask? Because we were watching UP of course. I thought it was a perfect fit for family fun night on Valentine's Day. It's such a really great love story. The kids and I had seen it before, but Mike hadn't yet. So we picnicked on our mini burgers, oven fries and pink lemonade cupcakes in the living room and had a really great family fun night.

When the movie was over we flipped the Olympics back on. (We've been watching scads of Olympic coverage this weekend.) And let the girls get caught up in the excitement of the mens freestyle moguls and our first ever Gold medal on Canadian soil. Between the girls chanting Go! Canada! Go! and the shots of Frederic Bilodeau cheering on his younger brother Alex from the crowd.... well I was just one weepy Mommy slash very proud Canadian.

And how was your weekend/Valentine's Day/Family Day/Olympic watching?


Mommy Project said...

Ahhh...that's so nice. You did a great job of making everything special for the girls. I've said it before, but i'll say it are such a great Mommy! :)

Debbie said...

I'm not Canadian but I thought it was an awesome moment as well. Alex and Frederick must both be men of integrity. Congratulations to all of you.

Goofball said...

wow you've really made a festive holiday in your family! fun

Personally I've never celebrated Valentines day at all. Unlike when you say that you don't do the valentine thing, I quite literally don't do the valentine thing. I've not written a single valentine card in my life!
Mind you, in Belgium Valentine is solely celebrated among couples, you wouldn't give something to your children, relatives, friends, colleagues anyway. (hihi, when I lived in Canada and arrived at school and received my first valentines card from a female class mate, I totally freaked and thought I had a lesbian admirer :p...the shock lasted until I noticed everybody distributing a pile of cards to everybody :p)

Shan said...

MP- aww thanks baby! You're not too bad yourself.

Debbie - Thanks and I think you're right.

Goofball - I didn't really plan out to celebrate Valentine's day, just sort of happened that family fun night was going to be that night. It's not usually a big deal around here. The things that I did do for the girls are things I have done at other times of the year.