Friday, February 19, 2010

friday high five - shouldn't I be doing something else

Okay so Mike is off to a fair related convention overnight and I get to tag along. My Mom is staying here with the girls, Mike is out grocery shopping so they don't starve while we're gone, Granny and Maya are still sleeping and Abby is watching TV in my bedroom. And me... well here is the 5 things I should be doing instead facebooking, tweeting and blogging.

1. Pack. I realize we're just going overnight, but I still need to put jammies and a change of clothes in a bag. Oh and a book and maybe my knitting. And my bathing suit. Where is that thing?

2. Making Abby's lunch. She has to be out the door in an hour to catch the bus.

3. Making breakfast. Luckily they just like toast or cereal in the morning (dry for Abbers, with milk for MyPie).

4. Getting dressed. Going to the T-Dot in jammies, while it sounds awesome, is probably not the best plan.

5. Doing a last minute tidy, unloading the dishwasher and such.

I guess I better get to it.


Karen said...

Blogging, tweeting and FBing really does sound much nicer... maybe with a nice cuppa on the side!

Have fun tonight!

Julie said...

have a great mini get away!

Kaci said...

Have a great time!!

Shan said...

Thanks everyone, we had a great time.