Thursday, February 18, 2010

nine down, one to go

Over dinner one night a few weeks ago we came to agreement with Abby that if she tried 10 new foods then we could plan a night out to the movies. Maya, not surprisingly, has refused to participate. So the deadline for this project to be completed is the end of the month and she's actually doing quite well. I guess...... well..... you be the judge.

Number of foods Abby has tried so far - 9
Number of foods she's liked - 0
Number of foods that have made her gag - 9
Number of foods that have made her upchuck - 1

I do have to say the one good thing is she is still willing to keep trying. I'm hopeful that the last one is going to be the one she likes.

Are your kids picky eaters?


Lynn said...

We have a rule for our older two (because they can understand the concept of do this, then get that) that they have to at least taste any new foods that we are having. Usually they will have their one bite, then declare they hate it.

But we keep trying :).

Julie said...

ok, i laughed out loud. i know not the reaction you were looking for but it made me laugh. i am just waiting for the day that the bean turns his nose up to everything.

Shan said...

Lynn - that's pretty much what's been happening here. She hasn't kicked up much of a fuss about trying the new stuff. Today she asked if she could try an english muffin and she actually liked it. So one win out of ten. I guess I'll take it.

Julie - it's okay to laugh. It's funny. Well not the upchucking part, that was the least funny part of the whole experiment.