Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Oh my gosh was Abby a funny little grown up girl tonight.

Despite the somewhat cooler temps this week, spring has sprung and Michael has work to do at the farm. So since he wasn't home Maya was going to have to come on the bike ride The Abster and I had planned. Dudes, we got as far as the mail box a few dozen feet away when MyPie burst into tears because her legs hurt. For real life. Abby and I shared a look over Maya's head... are you kidding me?

What should we do? Abby asked, just leave her here?

She's only six Abs, we can't just leave her here. We're going to have to go back home.

Well that just wasn't going to fly with The Abster, who had her heart set on a bike ride. She took off to her little friend's house, rang the doorbell and asked her friend if she could please come outside and play with Maya (under her Mom's watchful eye) while we did a couple of loops on the trail.

Funny little resourceful grown up girl.

Of course I wasn't finding her so funny while we were out on our ride though. Things you would have heard her say as we rode.....

Mom, circus people live there. I know they're circus people because they have a unicycle and they're always making stuff. I think Bob joined the circus because I see him there sometimes. Bob. Bob. B-ahhhhh-b. That's funny. I like to say B-ahhhhh-b Bob. B-ahhhhhh-b. hahaha (there is an actual circus that does live in their world headquarters around the corner from us)

Hey Grandma, keep to the right I'm going to pass you on the left.

Hey Grandma, can you hurry up before I knock you off the road?

See what I mean, funny kid.

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